One of my favorite things about working with Matthew Tobias (and there are many) is his commitment to the song.  Ego doesn’t have a role in it once he sits down at his kit and listens with as much dedication and commitment as the composer, determining what the song needs.  And then he does it and oh how he does it flawlessly, his skill being another one of my favorite things.  Add his impeccable feel, his professionalism and his positive attitude, clear communication skills and you have described Matthew, most certainly my favorite drummer that I’ve had the pleasure of working with.
Stephanie Hatfield – 2020

Whether Matthew has produced a record for me, has recorded drums on those records in the studio, or has played live concerts with me, there is one theme that stays true across the board – he always serves the song. He’s got a wide vocabulary of music, and can almost always immediately capture the essence of what I present to him with songs I’ve written. He doesn’t just try to slap his brand on it either; he finds what the artist is trying to convey and follows the thread to that end. You won’t be disappointed!
Matt Jones – 2020

Matthew Tobias is my go-to session drummer. He is a massively skilled producer, so even when I’m producing a record at my studio, I normally have him send me tracks from his place. He intuitively knows how to get right to the heart of what the song needs. Consistently, I never have to tweak what he sends me. I plug his drums in to the track on my end, and we’re cookin’.
Bill Palmer – 2020

Top notch studio experience. Fantastic on every level
Ashley F., – 2020

The utmost experience in professionalism, efficiency, and creative. Matthew is highly skilled and gracious, encouraging musicians to reach their full potential of sound.
Kamatara J., – 2019

Best studio in town!
Justin M., – 2019

Matthew/Empty House Studio is 100% legit! His knowledge & years of experience producing/recording, great studio atmosphere, and amazing equipment make it a superior recording experience! Get in there now!
Josh T., – 2018

Tasty, thoughtful drumming recorded musically. Fantastic!
Zach B., 2017

Had a great time working on my album with Matthew and was extremely happy with the outcome. I appreciate his expertise and collaborative attitude as well as the network of great musicians he brought into the process. Would recommend to anyone looking to get the most out of their music. 
Zach G. – June, 2016

Been recording a new EP with Matt at Empty House, and I couldn’t be happier. He is a fantastic drummer, producer, and engineer. Highly recommend for any project.  
Daniel M. – May, 2014

I chose to add the cost of traveling to Albuquerque into my recording budget because I knew that working with Matthew at Empty House Studio would be worth it. It worked out well, because being away from home allowed me to focus and knock this project out in a few days.

Matthew is affordable, professional, and talented. Not only is he an INCREDIBLE drummer and percussionist, but he also has a great ear for producing and mixing. His studio in Albuquerque is filled with good gear that will get you great sounds. And it’s in a really cool neighborhood filled great food, coffee, and culture.

Last but not least, Matthew is just a good dude. He will care about you and your project, and he will work hard to help you make it sound great.
Tim W., Nashville, TN – 10/24/2013

Matthew’s background is studio drumming but don’t be mistaken his heart is for the song.  My band The American Rails just finished recording our EP with Empty House and are planning on a full album. Matthew is really easy to work with and will be as involved as you allow him to be.   I was really surprised at Matt’s ability to hear the little pieces that make a song interesting and he really worked hard to leave space for musical moments.  I absolutely enjoyed the laid back atmosphere of being in the studio and couldn’t be happier with our final product.  I believe my response was, “We sound like us”.

He is trustworthy and honest in business and feedback.  If you haven’t heard of it yet Empty House Studio is one of the best kept secrets in Albuquerque.
April B., Albuquerque, NM – 9/5/2013